Writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of gold

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Writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of gold

Guide for applying to UK universities via UCAS for polytechnic students — Part 2 Employment, personal statement and reference Thursday, May 14, This is the second part of my guide for applying to UK universities via UCAS for polytechnic students in Singapore, covering the remaining sections, employment, personal statement and reference.

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Personal statement Many will shriek in fright when first faced with a daunting task to write a personal statement, you should see a personal statement is your way of picturing yourself, the applicant, towards the university admissions staff.

Yes though it can make or even break your application, the low down is that your personal statement is a powerful way for you to strike the lasting impression as well as stand out from monotonous grades, particularly in situations where universities have to choose between 2 academically evenly matched applicants.

What should I write? Those thinking of taking a year out or doing a deferment because of national service may want to justify why and what you intend to do and achieve during that year out. Also, be straight to the point and do not include hangers, ambiguity or areas open in your statement which requires interpretation.

If you are applying for language majors and wish to show off your skills here, I say, leave it to the barrage of entry essays from your college after your application is submitted, remember we are here not to access the people accessing your application!

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No nos Big no nos will include grammar and spelling errors as that reflects very badly not only on you as an applicant but also on the possible quality of work you can produce as a student.

Seek opinions and always edit edit edit!

writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of gold

You are strongly recommended to compose and edit your personal statement on a word processor, say Word, or in Open office, which thankfully almost completely eliminate spelling errors but laughingly at the expense of inviting you to spew more words in. When done, print it out for your teacher or parents to go through, it helps getting views from another party- Is it too boring?

Is it trying to hard?

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This helps you tone out the writing on top of correcting your language as well. Characters, paragraphs and lines! Thereafter, confirm your character count using the review function on your word processor, copy and paste your essay into your UCAS application, do note that the line count in Microsoft Word is not the same as that in UCAS due to text formatting differences, so it will take quite a bit of snipping here and there to get your essay in.

And yes, do need not have a line break after each paragraph as that effectively steals a precious line off your line count, the next paragraph can always go on cleanly on the next line. Some fields of note: Nil The applicant has not entered any pending qualifications, unless if you are an A level student, then your Prelim results will come here.

Date s when applicant is unavailable for interview: Referee details The only hard part of the reference is to bug someone who knows you well to write a statement for you. Preferably look for a close lecturer who taught you.

A great choice will be one who took you for your FYP final year projector if you want bragging, rights, try asking the director of studies to be your reference. You will need few personal particulars from your reference but nothing that too personal. The others are standard polytechnic address details which you can lift from your polytechnic website, for example: Generally a reference is rather similar in nature to your personal statement, but it is generally written in a third person perspective with respect to you, the applicant.

You can list pointers in point form I will recommend passing a copy of your personal statement together with a brief reference guideline to your referee to get them started, after all they are not exactly people with much spare time in their hands and they are still doing you a favour!

If you have any additional questions, do feel free to leave it in the comments below or reach me via the website contact form.

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Cheers and all the best in your studies!relevant examples and use these in your personal statement. Skills How can you demonstrate you if you’re a mature student n If you’ve had a variety of relevant jobs and experiences include these in the employment section of your UCAS form and talk about these experiences in.

Entry requirements. In addition to the University's standard entry requirements, you should have. a minimum grade C in three A levels or minimum grades BC in at least two A levels in academic or business subjects (or a minimum of 96 UCAS points from an equivalent Level 3 qualification, eg BTEC National, OCR Diploma or Advanced Diploma); English .

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