Thesis on conditions of physically handicapped

July 3, by scharticles. The following sub-headings were used: The public perception of handicapped children.

Thesis on conditions of physically handicapped

Because of their physical handicap they are placed at an immediate disadvantage. Innumerable fields of endeavor are automatically closed to them, such as a.

Thesis on conditions of physically handicapped

Building and construction b. Mining and many other fields of manual labor where physical requirements are necessary.

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In addition to the disadvantages normally encountered because of physical disabilities, unjust restrictions are raised where physical qualifications are irrelevant. Private industry, the greatest occupational field, is practically closed to the handicapped because of unfounded prejudices.

Picture the situation of a physically handicapped person competing with a physically normal person for a clerical position. Even in specific instances where tests have proven the superior qualifications of the handicapped person, nevertheless the physically able bodied person is invariably selected on the grounds of his more preferred personable appearance.

Physically handicapped who have entered the professional fields, find themselves barred from their chosen fields of endeavor despite the fact that this field is particularly suited to them.

This in turn has discouraged thousands of others from preparing for entrance into the professions. With the aforementioned closed to them, the physically handicapped naturally turn to civil service positions, where one would least expect unfair physical standards raised as a barrier to positions where physical qualifications are irrelevant.

But on observation, we find that the most illogical and unnecessary physical qualifications are required by the Municipal, State and Federal Governments for positions, which the physically handicapped person if given a chance, could fill most competently.

How illogical is the attitude of the Federal Government when we observe its action in the case of war veterans who are given preference both when physical disabilities are present or not.

How can deterring and hindering those who are otherwise disabled be reconciled with special consideration for those who have the same problem, but are different, only because they have sustained limitations because of war. Moreover, the preference given to the veterans is ample precedent for giving us some added consideration beyond that accorded the normal civil service applicant.

These deplorable, conditions create a special problem; a problem which has been recognized and acknowledged by various social and 2.

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An inadequate attempt has been made to meet the situation, an attempt not only inadequate but also detrimental in that it creates the illusion that something constructive is being accomplished. As regards the Rehabilitation Ser- Vice, we find that even the insufficient funds allotted to New York State for rehabilitation by the Federal Government is not matched by the State.

It has also failed to meet the obligation of supplying ''trainees" with a sufficient sum to meet the daily necessities during their course of training. As regards the work of private charities in dealing with the problem we point to the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities and the Institute for Crippled and Disabled, as examples of institutions which under the guise of social service are actually engaged in shameful exploitation of the physically handicapped.

Another charitable institution with conditions similar to the above is. For the employment of handicapped there exists the New York State Employment Agency which attempts to place handicapped in private 3.

Thesis on conditions of physically handicapped -

Such attempts are defeated before they start because of the above mentioned difficulties. Those placements which they do make are positions which pay miserably low wages and are usually only temporary.

This -service has gone so far as to send out handicapped to act as strike-breakers. Private charity is not planned: The prevailing conditions of the handicapped grow from and may be directly attributed to the laxity of the Federal, State, Municipal Governments and other agencies have displayed in meeting their problem.

Therefore the already existing meager financial status of the family has been further reduced because of the fact that the handicapped, not allowed to take their proper place in society to support themselves, have had to further draw upon the already depleted resources, or even to appeal to private charities which have previously been proven inadequate.

Because of the increased burden which the family is unable to meet, the handicapped are forced to go on home relief as a way out. According to the Emergency Relief Bureau figures, we find that in New York there are 12, handicapped on the home relief rolls.Most important, we thank the members of the League of the Physically Handicapped who shared their recollections.

In addition, Florence Haskell supplied newspaper clippings, photos, and referrals; Sylvia Flexer Bassoff provided clippings; and Frederica Goldsmith sent a photocopy of the “Thesis on Conditions of Physically Handicapped.” We.

Kids will bully a person with a physical disability, before even knowing them, just because they are challenged. Unfortunately, schools aren't the only place they get discriminated against. Although the three authors wrote different pieces, all three essays demonstrate the frustrations, struggles, contemplations, and triumphs from a disabled person’s point of view and are aimed at a reader with no physical disability.

The average, able-bodied person must have a different perspective than a handicapped person, on the quality of life of a physically disabled person. Nancy Mairs, Andre Dubus, and Harriet McBryde Johnson are three authors who shared their experiences as physically handicapped adults.

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for Studies to identify architectural barriers for the physically handicapped 56 Studies regard community assessment 58 Studies regard Workplace assessment 60 Studies regard Home assessment and adaptations Design of Scooter for Physically Handicapped with Foldable Hood.

Upadhyay, Vishal () Design of Scooter for Physically Handicapped with Foldable Hood. MTech thesis. Preview. PDF Kb: The seats of the conventional scooters are not suitable for the physically handicapped riders ergonomically.

This scooter will also consist of the.

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