The legal aspects one needs to know about dumpster diving

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage.

The legal aspects one needs to know about dumpster diving

By the time Ike was born, I was prepared already with the knowledge of what a tongue tie felt like and looked like, and I was able to diagnose him with a tongue tie at one day old, while still in the hospital. Slut-Shaming is the act of making someone feel bad for their promiscuity, by linking higher promiscuity with lower worth as a human being. Slut-Shaming is directed against women far more often than against men, not least because of the cultural perception that sex is something men do to women. Thus, one 19th/20th Century Sino-European Double . News on the Information Destruction industry.

Tweet A social engineering attack is usually conducted by an outsider who will use a variety of psychological tricks on a computer user to get the information they need in order to access a computer or network. Do not get confused with the concept "outsider.

Peter Stephenson has indicated that thirty percent of all hacking comes from outsiders: This means that seventy percent of hackers come from within our own organization.

We must keep this fact in mind when we develop defenses against social engineers. The goal of social engineer is to trick someone into giving them what they want. The social engineer preys on qualities of human nature, such as: The desire to be helpful. We have trained our employees well.

Make sure the customer is satisfied. The best way to a good appraisal is to have good responses from those needing assistance.

Most of our employees want to be helpful and this can lead to giving away too much information. A tendency to trust people. Human nature is to actually trust others until they prove that they are not trustworthy.

If someone tells use that they are a certain person, we usually accept that statement. We must train our employees to seek independent proof. The fear of getting into trouble. Too many of us have seen negative reaction by superiors because verification of identity took too long or that some official was offended.

Management must support all employees that are doing their assignment and protecting the information resources of the enterprise. The willingness to cut corners. Sometimes we get lazy.

We post passwords on the screen or leave important material lying out. What scares most companies about social engineers is that the sign of a truly successful social engineer is that they receive what they are looking for without raising any suspicion.

It is the bad social engineers that we know about, not the good ones. We Are the Weakest Link! Securing the hardware, software and firmware is relatively easy; it is the "wetware" that causes us the biggest headache. According to the Jargon Dictionary "wetware" is the human being attached to a computer system.

People are usually the weakest link in the security chain.

The legal aspects one needs to know about dumpster diving

In the s, we were told that if we installed access control packages then we would have security. In the s we were encouraged to install effective anti-virus software to ensure that our systems and networks were secure.

In the s we were told that firewalls would lead us to security. Now in the twenty-first century, it is intrusion detection systems or public key infrastructure that will lead us to information security. In each iteration, security has eluded us because the silicon based products have to interface with carbon-based units.

It is the human factor that will continue to appear in our discussion on social engineering. A skilled social engineer will often try to exploit this weakness before spending time and effort on other methods to crack passwords or gain access to systems.

Why go to all of the trouble of installing a sniffer on a network, when a simple phone call to an employee may gain the needed userid and password.

A while back a client asked us to see if we could obtain employee access accounts and passwords. They have an aggressive awareness campaign to remind employees of the need to keep the passwords from being compromised.

The client wanted to know if we were going to install a sniffer, we told them that we had a better method, we would call his employees.

We called twelve employees and had nine people answer our call. We told them we were from network administration and that we needed them to logon so we could troubleshoot a problem.

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We told them we needed their account identification and password so that our scope could see when they entered the network. Of the nine who answered, eight gave us the information we wanted.After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go. Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address.

Very true, Roshawn. One can’t live only for either the short-term or the long-term (i.e. I don’t see a point in frugality for frugality’s sake; if you have the money and want to splurge a bit, why not), but to me, the point should be about maximizing your total life expectation.

The annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) usually means an increase in the benefit amount people receive each month. By law, the monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) federal benefit rate increases when there is a rise in the cost of living.

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The legal aspects one needs to know about dumpster diving

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