Site de rencontres mondial gratuit

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Site de rencontres mondial gratuit

List of bad article ideas Bad faith nomination A bad faith nomination is the nomination of a page, or more pages usually for deletion at AFD for disingenuous reasons such as making a point or vandalism.

Site de rencontres mondial gratuit

Depending on the circumstances, this may also involve temporarily posting an additional hook or event onto one of the Main Page sections, beyond what the maximum number is stated on that particular section's guidelines.

Ban Banning is the last-resort action by which someone is prevented from editing Wikipedia for a certain length of time, limited or unlimited.

Typical reasons for banning include a long history of biased edits violation of NPOVpersistent adding of incorrect or doubtful material, refusal to cooperate with others, or extreme incivility and threats.

Banned users are not necessarily blocked; however, it is one mechanism to enforce a ban. Any username or IP judged to be the same person can be blocked without any further reason. Banner A banner is a template that is placed across the top of an article's talk page or at the top of a category to indicate specific details relating to the article or category's maintenance.

They are often specifically linked to a WikiProject to indicate that the article or category falls within the jurisdiction of that project, but may also be related to article maintenance or protection. Bar A placeholder name.

See Foo Barnstar Barnstars are a light-hearted system of awards given to Wikipedian editors by other editors to acknowledge good work or other positive contributions to Wikipedia.

They take the form of an image posted to an editor's talk pageusually in the form of a five-pointed star. There is a wide variety of different types of barnstar, each indicating a different reason for the award having been given.

BASC The Ban Appeals Subcommitteewhere users formerly could appeal against their ban or long-term block after all other appeal processes have failed for them.

BOLD The exhortation that users should try to improve articles and fix mistakes themselves by editing, rather than complain about them. Be bold in updating pages. BEANS A reference to the essay on not warning people to do things they wouldn't have thought of doing it just gives them ideas: Don't stuff beans up your nose Bit, the bit, admin bit Most often refers to an account being given the administrator rights.

When a user "gets the admin bit" they have just become an administrator.

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Also known as a " flag " or the "admin flag". User access levels for further information. Bitey Being impolite or worse to a newcomer to Wikipedia. Also seen in the forms bite, biter, and bitten.

From the guideline name, Wikipedia: Don't bite the newcomers and its shortcut, WP: Assume good faith and Wikipedia: Bad jokes and other deleted nonsensea now-inactive page.Site de rencontre % gratuit is suitable for users aged 17 and older, people rated it on Google Play.

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