Senior thesis psychology

Senior Thesis Senior Thesis A Senior Thesis is a year-long investigation conducted under the auspices of a faculty member. It must result in a substantial written product that will be evaluated by the thesis advisor and another member of the faculty, chosen at random. Any senior psychology major may undertake a Senior Thesis provided that the student is in good academic standing and has secured the approval of a faculty mentor.

Senior thesis psychology

Students who complete a senior thesis project select their own research topic, meaning that you will have the opportunity to find answers to the research questions that you find most compelling. Who can complete a senior thesis? Any student in the department may elect to complete a senior thesis project, provided that they have a Psychology faculty mentor who agrees to supervise their work.

Students with QPAs that are 3. Students who do not meet this QPA requirement can still complete a thesis, but should instead apply to the psychology department thesis program.

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What does a senior Senior thesis psychology project entail? To complete your project, you may: How long does a senior thesis take to complete? Students typically spend one academic year two separate semesters planning, conducting, analyzing, and writing up the results of their research projects.

Students typically apply in the spring semester of their junior year and begin work on their projects in the fall semester of their senior year. When should I apply to complete a senior thesis project? You should begin the senior honors thesis application during the spring of your junior year.

Note, however, that many potential advisors will only agree to advise a thesis if a student has already been trained in research procedures.

As such, to have the best chance of a successful thesis application, you should try to find a research assistant position by the beginning of your junior year.

How do I pick an adviser? If you have already worked in a research laboratory, the PI of that lab may be an excellent advisor for your senior thesis.

Senior thesis psychology

But if your research interests diverge from those of the lab in which you have worked, you should find a faculty mentor whose research interests are closer to your own.

To do so, you should read through faculty web pages to find a faculty member whose area of research fits your own interests. Once you have identified a potential advisor, get in touch with them via e-mail to set up a meeting and discuss your research ideas.

In your initial e-mail, you should include your qualifications e. What will I need to do to apply to the thesis program?

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Once you have identified an advisor, you will need to submit a thesis proposal. This should be developed in collaboration with your advisor; so all proposals will be different.

Typically, however, a good thesis proposal is pages long. The first page provides a brief summary of the literature in your area of interest, and identifies an unanswered question that can be addressed by your research project.

The remaining pages provide the details of your proposed research project: What kinds of projects do students complete? Students often work on thesis projects that complement the research that their faculty advisor is currently conducting.Students enrolled in Senior Honors Thesis must complete both components (PSY and PSY ) to have this count toward their Senior Experience and to graduate with honors in Psychology.

Similar to PSY /, these students have the opportunity for an in-depth investigation of a current topic or research question under the guidance of a. A senior thesis is a year-long empirical research project carried out in close supervision and collaboration with a faculty member.

It is an opportunity to engage in intensive, independent research and culminates in a written report and a public presentation to the department faculty.

A Senior Thesis in Psychology. Though every thesis is different from every other, there are some questions that are commonly asked .


Psychology Major › Senior Thesis; Senior Thesis. A Senior Thesis is a year-long investigation conducted under the auspices of a faculty member. It must result in a substantial written product that will be evaluated by the thesis advisor and another member of the faculty, chosen at random.

The 15 Best Psychology Thesis Topic Ideas. Dissertation topic is something of grave importance in a student’s life.

The senior honors thesis program is a two-semester capstone course in psychology, designed for senior majors who are considering going on to graduate school in psychology. The student works closely with a faculty mentor on an individual research project. The Senior Research Seminar involves conducting a year long research project that is sponsored by a member of the Psychology Department or a researcher from another institution. In addition to working closely with a sponsor, students enroll in the Senior Thesis Seminar PSY BC x and y during their Senior year. Senior Honors Thesis Why do a Senior Honors Thesis? Honors research can be among the most significant and rewarding activities of any undergraduate career. Successful completion of honors research requires a substantial, sustained effort, but can repay that effort many times over.

It judges the credible knowledge of the student on his/her area of expertise. Senior majors must complete an empirical thesis, community-based research thesis, or theoretical review and integration thesis. For an empirical thesis, a student conducts original research on an issue of theoretical or practical concern.

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