My favorite dog essay

Tipsy is an adorable brown dog that has a few black spots spread across his body and tail. Tipsy is a kelpie crossed with a border collie, and he has fluffy velvety ears. Even though Tipsy has a very strong body frame, he has a very gentle face and is always a friendly dog to those whom he knows. If a stranger approaches out house, however, Tipsy can get very aggressive.

My favorite dog essay

I have a dog for a pet. The name of my pet is Tarzan. He is a ferocious dog. I got my dog from my cousin. He was going abroad and wanted a good home for his dog who was then a puppy. I was only too happy to volunteer and that is how I got Tarzan. Targan is dark brown In colour and barks very loudly at all strangers.

Even the postman and other delivery men are scared of coming inside our house. In fact when Tarzan is in the premises of the house. Tarzan loves to eat bread, meat and drink milk. It accompanies me for my walks and enjoys barking at other dogs.

I bathe it daily with dog soap and also comb its hair- coat. Tarzan is a clean dog and never spoils the house. But my pet dog Moti is also a source of security and protection.

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No other animal is as sincere and faithful as the dog. The dogs have been in the service of man since the dawn of civilization. And it is a matter of research how it came to be domesticated.

Moti is an Alsatian. This type of dogs are also called German Shepherds. For some a pet dog is a status symbol, but for me my Moti is a necessity.

I cannot think or my life without him. I came to possess it there years back. Then it was a little puppy of four moths. In our neighbour lived Mr. He was a great canine lover. When he was transferred to Mumbai from here, he gave it to me as a gift.

Moti is of medium height. It has a curved bushy tail sharp liquid eyes, strong jaws and nimble feet. It has grown wonderfully strong and can easily be the envy of many dog — lovers.

I have taken great pains in training my dog. Its doggie manners are to be seen not to be believed. It has impeccable manners are to be seen not to be for toilet, it makes a peculiar cry resembling a moan.My Pet Dog Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. My pet dog, Barney is a Labrador.

It is light brown in colour and has a strong built. Having a Labrador as a pet serves a double purpose. My favorite animal is a dog. I like dogs because they are fluffy. I also like dogs because you can pet some of them and they will not bite. Sometimes they will bite. Jul 15,  · My Pet Dog?

Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog I have a pet dog. I named it Doggie. Doggie is a white coloured shepherd dog. it is very lovely and It always licks my cheek. Doggie had been trained before ehile it is in the pet dog. i liked your essay it was very interesting to read after reading this essay i am gona sure use the tips thyat.

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My favorite dog essay

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