Marketing logistics services

To accomplish this task efficiently, logistics companies use technology to dispatch and track packages throughout their journeys.

Marketing logistics services

Objectives and Decisions Article shared by: Some of the major market logistics objectives of a company are as follows: Maximum customer service implies large inventories, premium transportation and multiple warehouses, all of these raise market-logistics costs.

A company cannot achieve market-logistics efficiency by asking its logistics manager to minimize the logistics costs. The rail shipment to a distant warehouse is preferred over air shipment due to lower costs.

But, because the railways are slower, rail shipment ties up working capital longer, delays customer payment, and might cause customers to buy from competitors who offer faster service.

The shipping department may like to use cheap packaging or containers to minimise shipping costs; where as cheap packaging or containers may lead to higher rate of damaged goods and customer dissatisfaction.

Market logistics activities involve strong trade-offs, decisions must be made on a total system basis.

Marketing logistics services

Customers are interested in on-time delivery, suppliers desire to meet emergency needs and also have willingness to take back defective goods and re-supply them quickly at their costs.

A company must then research the relative importance of these service outputs. For example, for a photo copier machine, the least service-repair time is very important. Xerox Corporation, USA, have developed a service-delivery standard that put a defective machine anywhere in USA back into operation within 3 hours of receiving the complaint.

Let us consider, a machine manufacturer has established the following service standards: To answer dealer inquiries on orders with 99 percent accuracy.

Marketing logistics services

To answer that damage to merchandise in transit does not exceed one percent. Given above market—logistics objectives, the company must design a system that will minimise the cost of achieving these objectives.

Each possible market logistics system may give rise to the following empirical equation: Choosing a market logistics system calls for examining the total cost M associated with different proposed system and selecting the system that minimises it.

Four major decisions must be made with regard to market logistics:Who we are. Hudson Logistics & Marketing Services (Hudson LMS) was born out of Hudson News Distributors, LLC (HND). For nearly years HND has served the needs of its core magazine and book publisher clients in distribution and in-store merchandising.

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Marketing Logistics Services

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Market Logistics: Objectives and Decisions