Mang inasal swot analysis

Great degree of subs customization Largest fast food restaurant chain in the world by the number of outlets Marketing and promotional strategies Partnerships with Britain and American Heart Associations All restaurants are owned by franchisees Low startup costs Interior design of the outlets often looks cheap High employee turnover Services are not consistent from store to store Too much control over franchisees Opportunities Increasing demand for healthier food Home meal delivery Changing customer habits and new customer groups Introduction of drive-thru Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies Trend towards healthy eating Local fast food restaurant chains Currency fluctuations Lawsuits against Subway Strengths Great degree of subs customization. Customers always like to choose and the more choices they can make about their purchase the more satisfied they are with it.

Mang inasal swot analysis

An increase in demand for packaged would also mean an increase in demand for fast food chain where Mang Inasal is a part of.

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More Filipinos moving to urban areas to look for job opportunities would be a factor to Mang Inasal since they can employ workers from these people. Filipinos are looking for a healthier lifestyle Now a days, there is an increase in the of people who are facing obesity, heart problems, diabetes and other health-related issue which make them more conscious on what they eat.

Init is reported that Mang inasal swot analysis numbers continue to increase during these days. Consumers are becoming more health conscious looking for more healthier and organic products. Relevance Most of the products of Mang Inasal are meat which has high saturated and transfat that can lead to obesity and heart disease.

For customers who are looking for a healthier food, eating in Mang Inasal may not be a good option for them and this may lead to a decrease in the market share of Mang Inasal as people will shift their interest to those restaurants who offer organic foods.

Health Related risks of poultry One common disease that we can get from poultry, especially chickens, is bird flu, which is a disease caused by Type A influenza virus that mostly infect birds. Although the cases and deaths of bird flu falls down, people are still being caution especially if there is a bird flu scare in the country.

Relevance Since the major product of Mang Inasal is its Chicken Inasal, health related risks of poultry can decrease the sales of Mang Inasal as people will avoid poultry products because of the fear of having a sickness that they can get from it. They are looking to a type of chicken, which can be more suitable for outdoor production and niche markets.

Out with the conventional poultry industry and it is now genetically refined. Chickens now grow faster, has a broad breast and limited feather for easier plucking and other traits that are considered desirable for raising large number of birds.

Chickens now reach five pounds in six to seven weeks due to their rapid growth. Relevance Because of the new technologies that are discovered in order to grow more chickens than usual, supply of chicken would not be a problem for Mang Inasal since it is their major products.

The genetically refined chickens would also be bigger than the conventional chicken which can be an advantage for Mang Inasal because they will be able to serve bigger chickens to their customers. This would mean higher satisfaction for the customers.

Growing number of people who uses Internet and mobile phones As the technology aged, there is an increase in the number of Internet and mobile phone users worldwide. Since Internet are more convenient to use compared to those conventional ways, people preferred them more and its users gradually increasing.

The same as to mobile phone, which are easier to use in communicating with other people, user of mobile phone are also rising. But when approaches, it grows to 5 billion mobile users and 2 billion Internet users worldwide.

As you can see from the two figures above that the trend for using the Internet and Mobile Phones is increasing rapidly. Though Internet users fall during where there is an recession, it still managed to increase during the year of until now.

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Relevance Through Negostar Deal Biz Loop 99, transactions of Mang Inasal were made easier and even reduce the cost of Mang Inasal which allows them to offer affordable prices to their customers.

Mang Inasal was able to reach its connections in just an affordable price, which is an advantage to them.The history of Mang Inasal is quite interesting.

This fast foodrestaurant chain was founded by Edgar Sia II when he was only 26years old. The very first Mang Inasal was opened in December in Iloilo City in the Philippines. As of March , Mang Inasal isin locations.

Mang inasal swot analysis

Mang Inasal Swot Analysis Threats Essays and Term Papers. Search Results for 'mang inasal swot analysis threats' Swot Analysi Model SWOT Analysis Model Definition of SWOT analysis History and Background – SOFT & SWOT Analysis Introduction to SWOT analysis Overview of SWOT analysis Aim of a SWOT.

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of over stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational brands combined.

Mang inasal swot analysis

MANG-INASAL INTRODUCTION Mang Inasal Philippines is the Philippine's fastest growing barbeque fast food chain, serving chicken, pork barbeque and other Filipino favorites, was first established on December12, in Iloilo City.

. b. mang inasal Is a barbeque fastfood restaurant chain in the Philippines established in Iloilo City in It is one of the fastest growing food companies in the country specializing in grilled chicken. Philippines’ Jollibee remains a master of this, reinforcing its dominant position in burger fast food through its flagship Jollibee brand with a steady stream of complementary acquisitions, such as Mang Inasal, a chain specialising in low-priced meals featuring a popular local take on barbecued chicken.

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