How to write an if then statement in excel with text

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How to write an if then statement in excel with text

This pastes the contents of each line into 1 cell but I want to paste each value into a seperate cell.

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So in the attached data. For example in the 1st record I want to paste into 1 cell then in the cell to the right of that, Town A into another cell, into another cell For the 2nd line it should be into one cell, AA into the adjacent cell I also want to leave 3 blank lines before going to the next record.

I need to be able to import all rows but only certain columns into an excel worksheet using vba. I know I can easily just rename it to. The file looks something like this: Later after a chinese edited the text I've to write this back to a text file.

I have many text files in the following format Or the server the document is stored on may not be responding. It doesn't appear to be locked. Now, there are other Excel files in the same directory which I could open fine; however, the Excel documents having the above problem all have a little black icon "appears to be a padlock" image attached at the bottom left hand side of the Excel file icon.

how to write an if then statement in excel with text

I tried the following: This file is dated back in Is there anything i can do to open or recover this? Mar 27, I am trying to determine a way to quickly import data from text files into Excel and place data in suitable columns under correct headings.

I am thinking I could be asked which file to read and import doing them 1 by 1, or if there is an automated way to cycle through all the files that would be more efficient filenames are variable. From the text files I have attached I can tell the column headers and what data should go under each.

Not sure how you would describe the delimiting on these files? Are these files in a format that VBA could be used to reduce manual copy and paste approach? I have about of these files I want to extract the data from.

OK OK to illustrate it a little better: There are three people: Bill, Ted, and Andy. Each one is ranked in Points, so my table looks like this: A B 2 Ted 20 3 Andy 30 Later on, I want to rank the individuals based on their score, using a formula.

How to enter/display text or message if cells are blank in Excel?

That ranks the numbers in descending columns. However, I want the information to automatically populate the name associated with that particular point total. So, I want the system to know that B1 is Bill's score, and rank it, in descending order, later on in the spreadsheet, with Bill's name.

I think I found the place where I keep getting an error but I'm not sure how to go about fixing the issue.For example, you might use an IF, THEN statement in Excel to show information only if the value of a specific cell is greater than If it is, the formula will say "JUST RIGHT," but if the value is not greater than 20, then the formula will say "TOO SMALL.".

IF Statement To Read Text In A Cell Dec 29, I need a statement to look at how many words are in a cell. If there is 4, to return "Stem" to another column, if it's the 5th word or higher then to return the last word in the string.

Jul 14,  · Hi, I am trying to evaluate a field in excel based on whether checkbox is checked or unchecked. So this is what I want to do. If (Checkbox is checked then Yes else No). I am trying to write a formula that uses both an if statement and a vlookup statement.

It's for a house cleaning price list, with two sets of prices. I want the formula to say if the value in E7 is R, i want to lookup the value for the house in the second column.

how to write an if then statement in excel with text

Mar 19,  · I need to write a conditional statement that does the following: If the result of then. The Select Case statement can offer a neater and more concise alternative to nested If Then Else statements in Excel VBA. So when you are performing complex logical tests, the Select Case statement can break it down into more logical chunks of code.

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