How to prevent gangsterism in schools

Gang Identifiers and Terminology, Cantrell, Mary Lynn, Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Problems defines gangsters as organized crime that Bootlegging activities such as importing or making illegal liquor and speakeasies where alcohol could be illegally purchased gave rise to rivalry that resulted in hired gangs of criminals and gun battles.

How to prevent gangsterism in schools

Since January, there have been at least 11 such shooting cases nationwide, with eight people killed. The gangland-style assassinations all targeted individuals, with several carried out in broad daylight.

Last month, a gunman on a motorcycle fired five bullets into the car of a real estate agent, Datin Renyce Wong Siew Ling, 32, killing her.

Her eight-year-old daughter, who was shot twice, survived. In another shooting late last month that was caught on video, four men on two motorcycles tailed moneylender V. Kandasamy, 43, as he was driving in Kuala Lumpur. When he stopped at a busy traffic junction surrounded by many vehicles and motorcycles, two of the men dismounted, each standing on either side of the car before firing 16 bullets and killing Mr Kandasamy.

Where do the guns come from? Q Where do the guns come from? A The authorities have cited Malaysia's porous borders as a contributing factor.

How to prevent gangsterism in schools

Most illegal firearms are believed to be brought in from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Q How are they smuggled in? A Gun parts are hidden in lorries or family cars, with smugglers travelling in small groups to avoid suspicion, say local media reports.

Due to the large numbers crossing the border daily, vehicles are checked only at random. Q What's the cost of an illegal gun? The price goes up significantly - about RM10, to RM12, - if the gun is delivered to the buyer's doorstep, according to a crime-watch activist.

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Q What is behind the recent spate of street shootings? A The reasons for the shootings are believed to be related to gang disputes or business rivalry.

Trinna Leong "This is really frightening - left, right, the men fired bullets at the car," Facebook user Azmi Hassan said. Enough is enough," said another user Eric Wong.

Police have said they are taking the street killings seriously and are trying to secure Malaysia's porous borders to prevent firearms from being brought into the country.

Sundramoorthy, a criminologist from the Universiti Sains Malaysia. According to police, the statistics show that property crimes - rather than violent criminal acts - have risen. But for Malaysians living in a country boasting strict gun control, the 11 public shootings so far this year are just too many.GANGSTERISM IN SCHOOL How to Prevent Gangsterism in Gangsterism in schools is becoming rampant WCED:Safe Schools WCED SAFETY AT SCHOOLS IN THE WESTERN CAPE IMPACT OF GANGSTERISM ON SCHOOLING.

The noun movement means a change of position or location. If you're watching a play, you might notice that an actor's repeated movement from one side of the stage to the other shows her character's nervousness. The Skin We're In: Teaching Our Teens To Be Emotionally Strong, Socially Smart, and Spiritually Connected [Janie Victoria Ward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Shepherding children through the demanding years of adolescence can be a struggle for any parent. But black parents must also help their children confront . How Teachers Can Help Prevent Substance Abuse Among the concerns faced by teachers and others who work with youth is substance abuse.

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and abuse of other substances both legal and illegal, can have significant negative effects on the life of a youth. How To Prevent Gangsterism In Schools. News Strait Times reported about cases investigated from year to july There is an increase of five percent compared to Gangterism is a biggest problem in can distract the cases involved money and .

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