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Dissertation questionnaire disclaimer

Nursing students' attitudes towards computers in health care: Journal of Health Informatics. The findings suggest that integration of informatics throughout curriculum with increasing levels of difficulty is needed.

Nursing and midwifery students' attitudes to computer use in healthcare.

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Nursing Practice Today, Quarterly, 1 3: Nurses are exposed to the changing demands in technology as they execute their patient-related duties in the workplace. Integration of information technology IT in healthcare systems improves the quality of care provided.

Nursing and midwifery students with prior exposure to computers tend to have Dissertation questionnaire disclaimer positive influence of IT. This study was carried out to determine the atti- tudes of the students of nursing and midwifery at School of Health to the use of computers in healthcare.

The sample was composed of nursing and midwifery students select- ed by using non-probability sampling method.

Survey method and pretest for attitudes toward computers in healthcare scale were used in data collection. Chi-square significance test was con- ducted in data analysis. It was found that There was no significant difference between the nursing students and the midwifery students in terms of attitudes to use of computers in healthcare, whereas a significant relationship was found between computer use in healthcare and the daily duration of daily computer use and whether the students possess a computer.

This result is significant in terms of planning, applying, and integrating hospital information systems. The relationship between in-service training nurses' attitudes toward computers in health care and computer anxiety in Turkey.

International Journal of Human Sciences, 11 2 This research was planned as a descriptive-correlational design to determine the relationship between in-service training nurses' attitudes toward computer in health care and computer anxiety.

Research was realized with in-service training nurses who work at Education Department of Istanbul Local Health Authority and primary, secondary and tertiary health institution subordinate Istanbul Local Health Authority.

Research data were analyzed with SPSS package program. Mean of the P. Assessment Scale was found as There is a moderate negatively significant correlation between the attitude of the in-service training nurses toward computer in health care and their computer anxiety r: Nurses' computer literacy and attitudes towards the use of computers in health care.

International Journal Of Nursing Practice, doi: This study was conducted with the participation of nurses who worked at two university-affiliated hospitals. These nurses were chosen using a stratified random sampling method. The nurses, in general, had positive attitudes towards computers, and their computer literacy was good.

Computer literacy in general had significant positive correlations with individual elements of computer competency and with attitudes towards computers.

Dissertation questionnaire disclaimer

If the computer is to be an effective and beneficial part of the health-care system, it is necessary to help nurses improve their computer competency. This article was originally written as a master's thesis for the Fundamentals of Nursing programme at Istanbul University Institute of Health Sciences.

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Dissertation questionnaire disclaimer

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