Crowdsource writing accounts

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Crowdsource writing accounts

Five Cent Nickel Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since stored in QuickenFive Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around.

crowdsource writing accounts

This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. Free Money Finance This blog has one of the best background stories ever: During that time, my net worth has grown and grown, allowing my family to be in the upper percentages of wealth in the U.

A licensed retirement planning specialist, Jeremy is also the financial planning guide for About. Thorough and intelligent, Jeremy is one of the best assets you can add to your RSS reader.

True to its name, this blog provides detailed and methodical step-by-step guides to every personal finance problem you face in your life. His writing is crisp and his advice superb. Almost every popular blogger has featured an article or two on this great blog.

crowdsource writing accounts

Lifehacker Simply the best productivity blog. This award-winning blog features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you get things done smarter and more efficiently. While Lifehacker has a slight tech slant, it provides incredible tips from all over the Web on almost every topic.

I love how the amazing writers of Lifehacker always give their tips in plain English without any unnecessary tech babble. This is truly a productivity blog anyone can benefit from.

You will find an incredible amount of useful tips here, including how to be a man in the modern age artofmanliness. Mighty Bargain Hunter Written by a father in his mid-thirties with a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter, the Mighty Bargain Hunter provides solid tips about saving money and finding deals.

MyMoneyBlog Named by Money Magazine as the most voyeuristic financial blog, MyMoneyBlog is written by a thirty-year-old IT engineer who is brutally honest about his financial successes and failures.

One of the most analytical and informative blogs, MyMoneyBlog is where I go for the most technically sound personal finance tips. No Credit Needed Check out the Debt Reduction E-Book section to get a great step-by-step guide on how to pay off your debt and live debt-free.

It is an incredible story that will keep you entertained and inspired to make a few green choices in your own life. The Smart Spending blog is also famous for frequently featuring talented new bloggers. If you are new to personal finance blogs, this is the first place you should visit. Stop Buying Crap This is one of the funniest finance blogs out there.

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Thankfully, I got rid of the debt after a year of being less of a moron. If you can handle poorly written post with equally poor grammar, then I implore you to subscribe to the blog. Doing so guarantees you to two worthwhile post per year.This includes buying/selling accounts and working on other people's accounts.

Qual/HIT Question Crowdsource Writing Sample Ideas is CrowdSource's site through which you can apply to potentially receive CrowdSource's writing/editing quals.

How the false and the very real collided at Comet Ping Pong. May 08,  · Unless you’ve been living in a remote island for the last few years, you’ve heard about crowdfunding or stories of people raising thousands or millions of dollars online.

3. Crowdsource (OneSpace) Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website. This site is specially good for writers, copy editor and moderator. You will find here small tasks like image tagging, categorization, transcription, writing answers and writing product description etc which don’t take much time and skills.

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