Compare the ways plath and kesey

Two mental health articles. I must write one about a college girl suicide. And a story, a novel even. There is an increasing market for mental-hospital stuff.

Compare the ways plath and kesey

That is, smart, awkward, self-conscious, unathletic, artistic—probably, though not inevitably, white. At one of these he meets Maude, a well-preserved bohemian who claims to be descended from central European royalty. He becomes her partner in crime: For Harold, Maude is a lover, confessor, and therapist, as well as the mother he never had; in her presence, he breaks down and weeps for the first time, describing his ruinous, isolated childhood.

For Maude, Harold is the last best chance to leave an imprint on the world: Harold drives his Jaguar off a cliff at Big Sur but tumbles out at the last minute, and takes off over the hills, plucking the banjo Maude taught him to play. I bite my friends to save them.

Compare the ways plath and kesey

Once, Alexander the Great came to visit Diogenes while he was lying in the sun, perhaps getting a tan. Diogenes was an ascetic, but a liberated one, not a martyr motivated by a consciousness of guilt or sin. They were victims of their own success, split, over the course of a few generations, into camps of true believers who accused the others of selling out.

They have become self-satirists.


Psychologically, present-day cynics can be understood as borderline melancholies, who can keep their symptoms of depression under control and can remaine more or less able to work.

Indeed, this is the essential point in modern cynicism: For cynics are not dumb, and every now and then they see the nothingness to which everything leads.

Their psychic apparatus has become elastic enough to incorporate as a survival factor a permanent doubt about their own activities. They know what they are doing, but they do it because, in the short run, the force of circumstances and the instinct for self-preservation are speaking the same language, and they are telling them that it has to be so.

Well-off and miserable at the same time, this consciousness no longer feels affected by any critique of ideology; its falseness is already reflexively buffered.

To choose an obvious contemporary example: This last point is crucial: Sloterdijk acknowledges this, at least tacitly, but seems not to consider it worthy of much discussion: A woman, slave, servant, or non-citizen would never have been allowed the same leeway in speech and action, just as a black teenager and elderly black woman would have suffered a fate somewhat different from that of Harold and Maude if they had roamed around northern California in the early s stealing cars, mocking policemen, evading arrest, and defacing public property.

Another way of putting this might be that the cynicism of today is a product of intense, yet diffuse, guilt that has hardened into self-mockery and a kind of pervasive, brittle detachment. In the cynical position, artists feel they are allowed to say and do almost anything they want—to find almost anything funny—as long as they admit that nothing they say, no matter how outrageous, will ever have an effect on the world.

But what if we bring a dash of cruel realism to the scene and imagine, in a vastly more likely scenario, that Harold had never met Maude?Jan 01,  · This was an incredibly difficult book to read.

If I had to narrow down the long list of adjectives for the author that crossed my mind as I read, I would have to put "loathsome", "arrogant", and "unprofessional" at the top of the list/5().

American Cynicism from Boston Review. And its cure. And its cure. And its cure. the revolt against the silent misery of the housewife in The Feminine Mystique (), and Ken Kesey’s use of the asylum as allegory in One Flew Over the It is tempting to compare these scenes to the moment in Do The Right Thing () when Spike Lee has.

In what ways is this idea explored in your prescribed texts and in TWO related texts of your own choosing. Module A: Exploring Connections.

1. ‘A deeper understanding of ambition and identity emerges from pursuing the connections between King Richard III and Looking for Richard.’ Compare how these texts explore ambition and identity.


Compare the ways plath and kesey

Girl, Interrupted written by Susanna Kaysen is about the authors life as a young, ambitious girl in the 's who gets admitted into the women's ward of a psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts.

I defaulted to Fagles for the Aeneid because I enjoyed his translations of Homer so much. I have nothing else to compare it to but the hexameter is absolutely present and the text feels accessible without pandering to a modern English audience. The news is just in: *drumroll* The winner of the MUBA (Most Underrated Book Award) is Living in Hope’ by Frank Byrne, a child of the Stolen Generations (with Frances Coughlan & Gerard Waterford), published by Pilotus Press.

Jan 01,  · This was an incredibly difficult book to read. If I had to narrow down the long list of adjectives for the author that crossed my mind as I read, I would have to put "loathsome", "arrogant", and "unprofessional" at the top of the list/5(). However, in the book’s final chapter, discussing the traditions and events in Plath studies since the poet’s suicide, Rollyson’s research and engagement are apparent in ways . Dive into our treasure trove of free student and teacher guides to every book imaginable, and then some.
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