Clothing and asian market

Bangladesh has continued taking advantage of China's setback whereas the surge in shipments from Myanmar or Cambodia has followed the relocation of Chinese apparel industry to low-cost countries in Asia. Latest trends are reflected by our comprehensive review of 3rd quarter and January-September data per origin, from The full tables are also available for download.

Clothing and asian market

From a simple sketch, a photograph or a specification sheet, we can turn your designers' vision into reality: The latest versions of software that we use AccuMark Explorer allow us to design patterns for jackets, coats, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, according to your requirements.

The patterns may be printed, digitally stored and e-mailed as well. Once your pattern is approved for style and fit, we create all the necessary additional sizes.

You can give us your own grading specifications or we can assist you in establishing grade rules suitable for your targeted market. We can grade the pattern that we have created ourselves for you or you can provide us with your paper pattern that we digitize input in our system.

All grading is done using CAD tools on the computer. Once approved and graded, the pattern is ready to be made into a marker: Our marker making procedure focuses on maximizing productivity and minimizing labour and material costs.

All markers are plotted on our ink-jet We can print mini-plots of patterns single size or graded Clothing and asian market or full-sized ready-to-cut markers. The specification sheets contain detailed technical diagrams, construction notes, measurement charts and all the other important details that ensure the correct execution of your patterns into finished garments.

Their most important role is to simplify communication during all stages of prototyping, manufacturing and quality control.

In order to advisedly purchase the raw materials necessary for your production fabric, lining, interlining etc.

The fabric is probably the greatest cost in the apparel industry, consequently it can determine the cost effectiveness of a product. Our team can provide optimal utilization of any fabric width in order for you to significantly reduce material waste and attain a higher profit margin.

Clothing and asian market

Watch your designs come to life! Once the pattern is ready, we have to manufacture the prototype in order to see if small changes have to be made.

In this way we make sure that you have a perfect fit for each of your garments. Having this in mind we can provide you with Salesman samples with minimum quantity of one piece per model! Whether mousseline, cotton, tweed or cashmere, your fabric will receive the appropriate hand and the appropriate equipment.

We are able to approach a wide range of product types, from casual wear jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, coats, blouses etc. With a monthly capacity of approximately pieces, we can also manufacture small production in our own workshop, with the utmost care and professionalism and under our rigorous quality control.

The companies have to cope with the changing fashion trends and the more and more sophisticated market's demands and still complete orders in time. Failing to plan is planning to fail Planning and scheduling has become a crucial aspect of the entire manufacturing process.

Due to nowadays economical situation, the fragmentation has become a serious problem: That means an increased volume of orders which requires increased management and planning skills. When the company was founded inits activity was focused almost exclusively on the production of ready-made clothes.

As the business kept growing constantly, we reached in the pick of Even though the activities diversified and we started to offer different clothing industry related services, the production has remained the core of our business throughout our existence.

Moreover, the emphasis moved from quantity to quality and we re-orientated towards a different kind of production: Single needle straight lock stitchers Single needle straight lock stitchers with side cutter Twin needle locks.The Most Complete Line of Asian Foods.

ABOUT. Chicago Oriental Wholesale Market (C.O.W.M., INC.) offers a full-line of food and food-industry related products to restaurants, retail grocers and food service operators in the United States.

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