A script of the ant and

A proprietary version of Make was used to build it on the Solaris platform, but in the open-source world, there was no way of controlling which platform was used to build Tomcat; so Ant was created as a simple platform-independent tool to build Tomcat from directives in an XML "build file". Extensions[ edit ] WOProject-Ant [6] is just one of many examples of a task extension written for Ant. These extensions are installed by copying their. Once this is done, these task extensions can be invoked directly in the typical build.

A script of the ant and

A simple definition might state that Ant is a Java-based build tool. Of course that definition may just raise the question in your mind "What is a build tool?

To answer that question, consider what is required to build a software system. Typically, there is much more to building software than just typing in and then compiling the source code. There is a number of steps required to transform the source into a deployable and useable software solution.

The following is a hypothetical build process you might use with a simple software system Get the source. You may need to download or fetch the source from a source code repository.

For this, you might need to know the tag or version of the source code you want to build. Prepare a build area. You will probably want to create a set of directories, perhaps according to some standardized directory layout.

In this step, you will determine what optional components can be built based on the current environment. You might want to set build numbers and version numbers to be included in the build.

Validate the source code. You may have a standard style guide and you wish to ensure all code conforms to this before you build a release. Compile the source code Build the compiled code into libraries potentially including non-code resources such as properties, images and sound files.

Run the system's tests to validate the build.

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Build the documentation for the software. This may range from something as simple as collecting text files up to processing content through some form of publishing system to produce the documentation in its final form Package up all of the components of the software — code, resources, images, documentation, etc.

You might need to produce several packages in different formats for different target users Deploy the software to some standard location for use or distribution This is a high-level view of a software build process.

A real-life build process may of course require many more and varied steps. Each of these steps may involve many individual operations. If you try to use a manual process for building your software you would find it to be tedious, error prone and, in general, not very repeatable.

You might forget to set the version number or to provide a tar file for Unix users.Apache Ant is a software tool for automating software build processes, which originated from the Apache Tomcat project in early It was a replacement for the Make build tool of Unix, and was created due to a number of problems with Unix's make.

It is similar to Make but is implemented using the Java language, requires the Java platform, and is best suited to building Java projects.

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A script of the ant and

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