A review of the poem a decade by amy lowell

Both sides of the family were New England aristocrats, wealthy and prominent members of society. Augustus Lowell was a businessman, civic leader, and horticulturalist, Katherine Lowell an accomplished musician and linguist. Although considered as "almost disreputable," poets were part of the Lowell family, including James Russell Lowell, a first cousin, and later Robert Lowell. As the daughter of a wealthy family, Lowell was first educated at the family home, "Sevenels" named by her father as a reference to the seven Lowells living thereby an English governess who left her with a lifelong inability to spell.

A review of the poem a decade by amy lowell

She enhanced her promotion of imagism as a viable alternative to traditional forms with the composition of over poems.

Amy Lowell's Life and Career

The sheer volume of verse mars her canon by the inclusion of mediocre works among such masterpieces as "Patterns" and "The Sisters," a defense of female artistry. Until feminist criticism defended her place among early-twentieth-century poets, she was largely neglected, in part because homophobic critics rejected her bisexual and lesbian views on human relationships.

Lowell's mother tutored and educated her, and she completed a basic education at private schools in Boston and Brookline. Much of her learning derived from self-directed reading in the family's vast library. At age 13, to aid a charity, she published a volume of juvenilia, Dream Drops, or Stories from Fairylanda token of the late-blooming artistry yet to emerge.

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Lowell traveled across Europe before settling in the family manor, Sevenels, in Lowell published her first sonnet, "A Fixed Idea," in Atlantic Monthly infollowed by three more submissions and the translation of a play by Alfred de Musset, staged at a Boston theater.

Acclaimed for Keatsian verse in A Dome of Many-Colored GlassLowell stopped mimicking other poets' styles in and developed an independent voice, in part influenced by Ezra Pound, H. Lawrence, and Harriet Monroe, editor of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse. Following positive reception of her experimental "polyphonic prose," her term for free verse, in Sword Blades and Poppy Seedsshe published in The Bookman, a respected New York monthly, and edited Some Imagist Poets, A landmark work that sets the parameters of imagism, Some Imagist Poets names six requisites for imagism: To employ common language that is precisely suited to the phrase To search out new rhythms to express new moods To welcome all subjects to the field of topics To quell vagueness with exact images To produce hard, clear verse free of confusion and distortion To compress thought as though distilling the essence of meaning Lowell's own output in the new poetry genre of imagism included Men, Women and GhostsCan Grande's CastlePictures of the Floating Worldwhich contains some of her best short works, and Legendsa critically successful collection of narrative verse.

Lowell earned a reputation for violating conservative standards by flaunting her obesity, swearing, smoking cigars, and having a same-sex lover, actress Ada Dwyer Russell, with whom Lowell remained all her life.

In addition to poetry, she published translations in Six French Poets: For Fir-Flower Tabletsa detailed collection of miniatures, she joined Florence Ayscough to translate Chinese verse into "chinoiseries," restatements of Asian idiom in English.

During a period when she experienced eye strain and glandular imbalance, Lowell labored on a two-volume centennial biography, John Keats A substantial contribution to English criticism, the work began as a Yale address and flowered into exhaustive research.

Historians blame the rigor of the insightful study for Lowell's sudden death from cerebral hemorrhage on May 12,in Brookline. She was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Chief Works InLowell published her masterwork, "Patterns," a tense, almost frenzied free verse minidrama spoken in first person.

Dressed in the constrictive gown, powdered wig, and jeweled fan of the eighteenth century, she contrasts the natural colors and configurations of daffodils and squills, bulbs that flower in spring. Tears sprung from pent-up emotions parallel the silent shedding of blossoms from a lime tree. As though casting off the constraints of fashion and social propriety, she fantasizes about meeting her lover among the hedges.Decade.

by Amy Lowell. When you came, you were like red wine and honey, Smooth and pleasant.


I hardly taste you at all for I know your savour, But I am completely nourished. Amy Lowell 40 main Amy Lowell red Short Poems.

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Amy Lowell produced the majority of her poems after her acquaintance with the actress Ada Russell, a widow eleven years older than Lowell, with whom she shared the last thirteen years of her life. Russell became Lowell's beloved companion, secretary, and nurturing muse.

Selected Poems of Amy Lowell, edited by Melissa Bradshaw and Adrienne Munich, Rutgers University Press, PROSE (With Katherine Bigelow Lawrence Lowell and Elizabeth Lowell) Dream Drops or Stories from Fairy Land by a Dreamer, Cupples & Hurd (Boston), Amy Lowell Anew A Boston Brahmin, a poet, a woman in love, she was all this and more.

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A review of the poem a decade by amy lowell

Amy Lowell was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the daughter of Augustus Lowell and Katherine Bigelow iridis-photo-restoration.com sides of the family were New England aristocrats, wealthy and prominent members of society.

Augustus Lowell was a businessman, civic leader, and horticulturalist, Katherine Lowell an accomplished musician and linguist.

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