A geography of kafiristan

There is also a reference to Chinese emperor Tai-Tsung being presented with excellent breed of horses in AD by an envoy from Chi-pin Kapisa. The people used woollen and fur clothes and gold, [10] [11] silver and copper coins. Objects of merchandise from all parts were found here. The country into which the army of Ghazni marched appears to have been the same as that now called Kafirstan, where the inhabitants were and still are, idolaters and are named the Siah-Poshor black-vested by the Muslims of later times.

A geography of kafiristan

Guarded by their geography and strength, it is assumed that thousand Kafirs lived there. They drove away the armies of Timur 14C.

But inAmir Abdul Rahman, the King of Afghanistan, conquered Kafiristan after a grueling battle and compelled them to convert to Islam.

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Thus, the main energy of the guerrillas that resist the Soviet army in Afghanistan today were Kafirs ninety years ago. We will write a custom essay sample on the kafirs of kafiristan Order now More Essay Examples on The Kafirs of Afghanistan were converted to Islam, but those of Pakistan who belonged to British-India after the Durand Line still followed their own religion.

The history of the Kafirs remains obscure but some consider them to be the descendant of the armies of Alexander the Great B.

They say that some Greek cultural elements can partly be identified in Kafiristan. For example, the sports and games in Nuristan wrestling and shot-put etc. Secondly, their features are thought to resemble those of the South-European characteristics.

Thirdly, it is believed that the Greeks had an influence on their music. But there is no conclusive evidence.

A geography of kafiristan

But the leader of Nisa proclaimed to him that they were the descendants of Dionysus Bacchus that came from Greece long ago. Woodcock thinks that Nisa is one of the colonies of Greece which was scattered widely throughout Achamenid Persia before the times of Alexander.

Those who came south in the second wave were the ancestors of the Indians, the third wave included the ancestors of the lranians.


Linguistically, the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-Aryan Indo-European family of languages are divided into three main groups: The latter is considered to be the oldest, but there is no proof for this.

I do not deny the influence of Ancient Greece upon Kafiristan. This is a possibility, but the Greeks would have been in the minority, there — the majority of the ancient Kafirs were a different race from the same original land as the Greeks.

Any subsequent Ancient Greek influence would have been easily adopted by the Kafirs because of their common origin. Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European can be divided into three main groups: Geographically Kafiristan is located in the middle of India and Iran and thus linguistically the group of languages has similarities with the Indo-Aryan and Iranian groups.

However unlike them it has no written script. Also the dialect of the Kafir languages like Kati and Waigali coincide with the distribution of the tribes. However, Kalasha, spoken by the last of the Kafirs, is not in Kafiri. It is part of the Indian group of languages with Khowar Chitrali which is spoken in Chitral District.

Kalasha is very similar to Khowar and even a small Kalasha child can speak it. Mixed in their language, we can identify Persian words used for abstract concept and modern Urdu for tools and articles etc. At present, about people speak Kalasha and thousand speak Khowar.Afghanistan er en innlandsstat av strategisk betydning i regionen.

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Den grenser til Tadsjikistan, Turkmenistan og Usbekistan i nord, Iran i vest, Pakistan i sør og Folkerepublikken Kina i øst.

Afghanistan er for det meste fjellrikt, men det finnes sletter i . The Valley of kafiristan or kafirstan is old name of Nuristan valley, which is situated in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Kafiristan valley enjoys a central geographical location bounded by Chitral, Kunar Valley and Alishang River.

+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. Kafiristan or Kafirstan is normally taken to mean land of the kafirs in Persian language, The Cultural Heritage of India, , p , Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Committee; Geography of the Mahabharata, , p , Bhagwan Singh Suryavanshi.

Kafiristan took its name because of the enduring pagan Nuristani inhabitants of the region who once followed a form of ancient Hinduism, mixed with locally-developed accretions, were non-Muslims and were thus known to the surrounding Muslim population as Kafir, meaning "infidel".Country: Afghanistan.

Geographically Kafiristan is located in the middle of India and Iran and thus linguistically the group of languages has similarities with the Indo-Aryan and Iranian groups.

However unlike them it .

A geography of kafiristan
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